Colleague Feedback

Your chosen colleagues will be emailed an invitation to complete the online colleague questionnaire.

Colleague Feedback Click to view sample colleague report


You will be able to upload email addresses of colleagues who have agreed to provide feedback for you.

A. You choose the language of the email invitation and GMC [UK] questionnaire according to your colleague’s needs.

B. You upload the email address of colleague and you press send.

C. Your colleague receives an email invitation in that language.

D. Your colleague completes the online questionnaire in that language.

E. Once you have received the required number of feedbacks, you click the button to generate the results document.

F. The results document is in PDF format and is in English. However, any written comments colleagues leave, appear on the results PDF document in the language of the completed questionnaire. You simply copy and paste that language text into to either Google translate or Bing translator, so as to translate that text. Simple!

2 reminders, at weekly intervals, will be sent to those colleagues that have not responded.

Colleague and patient consultation

Good Medical Practice Surveys

Allowing doctors working in the NHS primary care and hospital sectors, as well as in the independent sectors in the UK and abroad to optimise their professional performances according to the 4 domains of the General Medical Council, UK, Good Medical Practice Framework Good Medical Practice (2013).